Sunday, December 18, 2011

This Here's A Magic Town


Released: October 7, 1947
Directed: William A. Wellman
Starring: James Stewart, Jane Wyman

Lawrence "Rip" Smith (James Stewart) is an opinion pollster looking for the perfect town. The one town that mirrors the opinions of the entire nation. His polling company closes down, but before he's about to give up he finds a discarded telegram that answers his prayer. The town is Grandview, a wholly unremarkable town that's on the verge of change. Rip needs the town to stay the same and cuts down the idea proposed by Mary Peterman (Jane Wyman) to build a new civic center. The two become enemies, but that doesn't stop Rip from trying to get to know her. He and his team secretly poll the townspeople while posing as insurance salesmen. Rip, who's never really felt at home, quickly falls in love with Mary, the town, and the basketball team. Mary discovers Rip's secret and, being the acting editor, prints it in the newspaper. Rip asks her not to because he knows that no one, not even a nice town like Grandview, should be told they're special. Will Grandview disintegrate? Will Mary see the error of her ways? Will Rip and Mary get together? Will the civic center ever get built? Find out, and watch MAGIC TOWN.
This is a sweet little film. Probably not one of James Stewart's or Jane Wyman's most well known films, but it is a great picture. It has it's funny moments and touching ones. You might hate Wyman for a while, but that's because Mary isn't the brightest person in the universe. I always feel awful sorry for Rip. He tries so hard to make things right. There's basketball, headache powders, and insurance policies. Fun fact, this is one first movies released about the opinion polling, the newest science. It was also a commercial flop. But this little film is wonderful and it was the loss of many people who wouldn't come out.

I wanna see the editor of this imitation newspaper,

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