Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It Seems You've Commited Murder, My Sweet


Released: December 9, 1944
Directed: Edward Dmytryk
Starring: Dick Powell, Claire Trevor, Anne Shirley

Detective Phillip Marlowe (Dick Powell) has been hired by Moose Malloy (Mike Mazurki) to find his former girlfriend, Velma, a pretty, innocent, red head. Complications arise when Marlowe is hired as bodyguard to Lindsay Marriott, a gigolo of sorts. When Marriott is killed over a jade necklace, and Marlowe knocked unconscious, he refuses to let the case go. Each lead brings him closer to the truth, but who's Velma? What does she have to do with the necklace? Who was that girl in the middle of the woods? Is Amthor the connection to Moose, Velma, the necklace, and Marriott's death?
MURDER, MY SWEET is based off of Raymond Chandler's novel, Farewell, My Lovely. This being a film noir, it's hard to describe just exactly what's happening, but this is an incredible movie. Dick Powell, a song and dance man, is cast against type as Phillip Marlowe. And WOW, is he incredible. I think he's the best Phillip Marlowe I've ever seen. The characters are appropriately shady and you're definitely going to suspect everyone. The drug scene is pretty intense and a trip for the ages. A wonderful film. Glad I finally got around to watching it.

It's a long story and not pretty,

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